Consulting and Auditing


Our Approach

What are we going to do different from your team of professionals, accountants, auditors or analysts?


We apply year career in depth knowledge in the areas of tax law that are simply forgotten, misunderstood, underused or simply unknown to most professionals.

There are several tax strategies with the objective reducing the tax burden. However, these strategies are underused by most professionals. Some are avoided because they are considered "at risk", though, are provided directly in the legislation and the Tax Code. Some are underutilized because they are badly interpreted or applied incorrectly. Others are completely forgotten, because they simply are not known even by the most highly paid and renowned professionals.

Most companies, large or small, is focused on the core business and internal or external professionals in administrative tax compliance and preparation of tax returns. These professionals will be unable to devote resources to maximize tax benefits for you, your business and your clients.

Our specialty is to enable the reduction of taxes on their activity, making your product or service competitive and profitable with minimum risk. For this, we will use our experience and strategies as well as of legal precedents confirming the benefits or savings generated.


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