Transfer Pricing

The growing internationalization of activity, the high complexity of economic groups and the extra attention the various tax authorities for intra-group transactions, lead to that practiced transfer prices are a major source of tax contingencies. However, the alignment of intra-group transactions with the desirable tax efficiency and the group's value chain, now one of the main ways to efficiently manage the effective rate of taxation.

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  • Implementing tax efficient strategies and aligned with the value chain; 
  • Conducting health checks with a view to identifying and analyzing contingencies and opportunities, and defining priorities and best practices; 
  • Identification of risk operations; 
  • Justification and documentation of transfer pricing through a personalized approach potentiating a highly efficient process; 
  • Review of compliance with declarative tax obligations on transfer pricing, ensuring the identification, analysis and documentation of risks and opportunities; 
  • Analysis functions and risks
  • Use and treatment of information available to support terms and conditions practiced; 
  • Monitoring of national and transnational tax audits, including correlative adjustments (Global Dispute Resolution); 
  • Preparation, application, negotiation and implementation of previous agreements on transfer pricing, unilateral, bilateral or multilateral.


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