Tax Litigation


The complexity of tax legislation, the constant legislative changes, as well as divergent views between taxpayers and the tax authorities give rise to prolonged surveillance practices and often lengthy and cumbersome procedures before the Tax Authorities and the Courts.


Knowing the financial costs and other charges that these disputes may involve the Lazaro Consulting provides expert tax assistance to its customers for quick and efficient resolution of these issues, always seeking possible anticipate potential differences in order to minimize its effects and consequences of a possible embodiment thereof.

How can we help you?

  • Prevention, management and resolution of tax disputes;
  • Identification, quantification and qualification of risks and tax contingencies;
  • Preparation information for inspections;
  • Assistance in the course of an external or internal tax audit;
  • Support in providing information and clarification from the Tax Administration;
  • Review of supporting documentation;
  • Support for the preparation of administrative proceedings;
  • Support requests for prior information, answers the query, binding or not; and
  • Technical and fiscal support to those responsible for the conduct or management processes.


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