Tax Benefits


Our Tax Benefits jobs are directed to identify and obtain tax benefits and special regimes for your company, products and services, putting you ahead of your competitors.


The tax concessions available in our legislation are diverse and their application depends on the type of activity, operation, product, service, company size and location. Still, the tax benefits can be federal, state and municipal or even derived from international treaties and agreements. So after diagnosing tax relief for his company, Lazaro Consulting will handle the entire process together the bodies responsible for obtaining the benefit, well, prepare, instruct and monitor the maintenance of the regime.


Normally, preparation for use and maintenance of Tax Benefits also involve changes in internal, accounting and tax procedures, which will give full support. All this, of course, under that legislation enables and empowers.


See some examples below:


  • IT Law: the Informatics Law (Law 8.248/91, 10.176/01 and 11.077/04) is a law that grants tax incentives to technology companies in the industry (areas of hardware and automation), whose practice investing in Research and Development;
  • Good Law: Law 11.196 / 05, which became known as the "good of the Act," creates tax incentives to companies that conduct research and technological innovation development;
  • SUDENE and SUDAM: applies to companies holders of project implementation, modernization, expansion or diversification projects docketed until 12/31/2018 for a period of 10 years in the Amazon and Northeast;
  • Municipal Incentives: several municipal governments grant tax benefits through local investments. The benefits from involving the provision of land and infrastructure to the exemption from taxes and fees for five years;
  • Sports Law: Law encourages people and businesses to sponsor and make donations to sports projects in exchange for tax incentives;
  • Rouanet Law: tax incentives in order to encourage the private sector to support the cultural sector;
  • State Benefits: all states grant tax benefits for companies installed locally.


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