Tax Classification Review

Avoid tax exposure of your business! The Tax Classification of products implies the determination of various taxes, thus the misclassification may be cause for overpayments or less of tribute, as well as the risk of penalties for incorrect preparation of accessory obligations.

Among the main difficulties faced by companies in maintaining the correct classification of product registration, we list some below:


  • Quantity of items or specificity;
  • Complexity of tax laws in the classification of various products;
  • Frequent changes in legislation;
  • EFD Contributions (SPED PIS/COFINS);
  • EFD Tax (Sped of ICMS);
  • Professional capacity building in the tax area;
  • Electronic Invoice (without border evasion);
  • Digital Accounting (data cross between State and Federal).

Our procedure involves analysis and categorization of products by our team of analysts. As each product is categorized, you will have all the information necessary for proper classification of products. Whenever a new product is registered it will be taken to our database and once again categorized. Once this happens, your company will appear to the right fiscal parameters.

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