International Tax

The management of the fiscal cost of business in national or global operations are increasingly complex matter, lacking specific monitoring and high specialization.

How can we help you?


The Lazaro Consulting works closely with its customers to develop new opportunities in the minimization and management of global risks and the development of efficient strategies in terms of national and international taxation, mainly in:


  • tax optimization of the Group in national and international operations; 
  • management of global effective rate of taxation; 
  • fiscal bookkeeping of investments in Brazil and abroad, taking into account the specificities of the country of origin and destination for investment; 
  • review of tax transactions framework, operations, products and services, involving one or more jurisdictions; 
  • mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations of corporate groups, including cross-border operations; 
  • tax optimization of creating structure, ownership, management and exploitation of intellectual property; 
  • fiscal management financing, debt restructuring and treasury operations; 
  • determination of tax efficient locations, in particular for holding companies, and the impact on the return after taxes;
  • identification of opportunities and risks; and
  • convention application for the Avoidance of Double Taxation of Income.



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