Implementation of Anti-Fraud Plan

Fraud is something that affects 70% of companies. The best strategy for your fighting is to act preventively through an Anti-fraud program.

Below we describe the main objectives of an Anti Fraud Program:​


  • Creating obstacles to the generation of fraud, reducing its effects and means of implementation for its preventive identification;
  • Maintain high quality of the control environment and awareness among users that it is active;
  • Explicitly discuss the level of tolerance to fraud;
  • Maintaining effective means of fraud communication for employees, conducting formal training of reporting channels and reporting expectations; and
  • Demonstrate rapid and effective response capacity in the research process, punishment and correction of any fraud occurred, and communicate lessons learned.

We understand that a fraud prevention program should consider at least three stages:



  • Knowledge of the company's business environment;



  • Analysis of business processes to the relevant fraud cases; and
  • Response plan fraud events.



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