Employer Services


The Lazaro Consulting supports companies and executives as the fulfillment of obligations related to tax, labor, social security and other aspects important factors for the activities of foreign professionals in Brazil.

Our services include:


  • Consultancy in structuring remuneration for foreign executives who come to work in Brazil, in order to obtain work visas;
  • Advice to companies on the appropriateness of visas to be ordered in each case planning the rules of the international transfer of executives and technicians in the fiscal, labor and social security;
  • Diagnostics and regularization of Brazilian tax situations abroad and of foreigners in Brazil;
  • Preparing annual tax returns and the country's final output;
  • Preparation of monthly calculations of income tax on foreign income ("booklet-lion");
  • Obtaining clearance certificates from income tax for leaving the country and tax residency;
  • Tax advice aimed at family planning and succession;
  • Development of capital abroad statement delivered to the Central Bank for individuals;
  • Tax equalization calculations;
  • Analysis of tax, labor, social security and immigration obligations under the Corporations and employees of the home and / or host country (origin and destination);
  • Analysis of tax implications, labor and social security on employee compensation plans (even nominated) and not employees (eg members.);
  • Analysis of implications and possible policy adjustments related to equity compensation (stock option, stock purchase plan etc.) for remuneration (bonuses) executives, appointed or employed; and
  • Analysis and planning of the compensation payment structure of employees and executives in international designation (payroll split, shadow payroll etc.).


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